11 Journal Prompts to Help You Practice Self-Care

Young woman writing in a journal

One of the best ways to practice self-care is through regular journalling. This is a chance to put your goals into words, bring your attention to the good things in life, and maintain a positive mindset. However, you may find that you sometimes sit down to journal and have no idea what to write about. The solution is to have a list of journal prompts you can use whenever you need inspiration. Some of the following are perfect for a specific situation, whereas others you can use whenever you like.

1. What Are My Best Qualities?

Too often, we dwell on areas where we are falling short. If you need a self-confidence boost, try writing down all the things you’re good at, that you love about yourself, and that you know others appreciate about you.

2. How Will I Maintain a Sense of Inner Peace Today?

If you journal in the mornings, a great way to use the practice is to consider your intentions for the coming day. On a day you know is likely to be stressful, it’s useful to consider how you’ll maintain your inner peace.

3. What Tactics Are Effective at Helping Me Destress?

Another useful exercise on a stressful day is considering what activities help you relax. Keep this list for whenever you need it most.

4. Who Do I Need to Forgive?

Feelings of resentment hurt you far more than they hurt the person who wronged you. Bear this in mind when considering who it may be time to forgive.

5. What Do I Need to Forgive Myself For?

You may find it even more difficult to forgive yourself than to forgive someone else. If you’re holding onto guilt for something you know you shouldn’t blame yourself for, write everything down — this can be an effective first step toward letting go.

6. How Can I Do Good in the World?

Write down some ideas for random acts of kindness to brighten someone’s day. Later, note down what you did as well as more ideas for the future.

7. What Am I Most Worried About?

It’s common to have a nagging worry at the back of your mind. By writing it down, it may seem less scary. Plus, you can use the opportunity to consider ways to stop the worst from happening or to make a plan for what you’ll do if your fears do come true. Putting yourself back in control can be hugely effective.

8. What Am I Most Grateful For?

If you don’t actively acknowledge them, you may start taking some of the best things in your life for granted. Once you start making a list, you’ll likely be surprised by how long it is.

9. What Do I No Longer Want in My Life?

Similarly, you may have become accustomed to negative things in your life — and forgotten that you have the power to remove them. Whether the negative thing is something external or your own attitude, write it down and decide how you’ll move forward.

10. Who Should I Reach Out to Today?

Is there a loved one or friend you haven’t heard from in a while? Send this person a message and then report back to your journal about how it goes.

11. Who Do I Most Admire?

Think about whether there’s a particular friend, family member, or even professor you find inspirational. Think about what you could do to become more like that person.

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