How to Have a Productive Summer Break

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Summer break is finally here, bringing with it a chance for you to relax, unwind, and regroup. Yet, all too often, students find themselves with no plan for using all this time. With no holidays booked and no prior commitments (just plenty of time to catch up on your sleep), it’s important not to let your whole break pass you by without any productivity. Sure, we all need a chance to reset after a demanding semester, but it’s possible to do so while still having a productive summer break — here’s how.

Put the Textbooks Away

Unless you’re taking summer classes, it’s time to put studies aside for the summer. Don’t forget to turn in your textbooks as you clean out your one-bedroom apartment. Ottawa students are fortunate to return to 1eleven in the fall semester for the area’s best housing. Until then, however, you can enjoy your summer thoroughly.

It’s not about studying, or reading or even picking up a pen. Believe it or not, college is more than lectures and learning. It’s about creating a whole, well-rounded person, so summer is your chance to put your best foot forward. Below are some ways you can still be productive without focusing on studies.


Giving back to the community is good for your heart and soul – and also looks great on a resume. It’s a real chance to get involved in your local area and lend your services where they’re needed. The great part? You can find volunteer work that suits your interests and meet new people along the way. For instance, if you enjoy the outdoors, consider looking into a summer camp. If you love working with animals, then check in with some shelters. Opportunities are abundant, and you will get out as much as you put in. Now is the perfect chance to give it your all and see where it leads.

Pick Up A Hobby

With textbooks, learning, and assignments taking up the best hours of the day throughout the school year, it can be hard to even think about adding another activity to your schedule. Summer break is the perfect chance to explore a hobby, however. Even if you can only commit for this period in time – it’s a start!

Think of something you love doing, whether it’s sport, music, writing, reading, drawing, or singing… the list goes on. Pick a skill and start learning. You may discover a whole new passion that balances well with your school work and gives you the perfect outlet. 

Get Some Experience

While good grades look great on paper, there is something to be said about hands-on experience. Whether you opt for a summer job or look at an internship is a field of interest, there are many ways to step into the professional world over break. Of course, even if you pick up a job at a fast food chain, you still have so much to gain. This kind of life experience teaches you essential skills, such as how to deal with clients, how to work under pressure, and how to manage your time effectively. All of these skills transfer into real world scenarios. Plus, a little extra cash is never a bad thing.

Remember, it’s not too late to have a productive summer. Think about what you want to achieve and what will benefit you the most in the long run. Then, make a commitment to yourself to give it a go. You can always revise your plans along the way until you find what works for you.

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