6 Staples to Keep in Your Student Wardrobe

Staples to Keep in Your Student Wardrobe

Packing the right things is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when heading off to university. Students almost always forget at least a few things — and, paradoxically, tend to bring far too much stuff. In particular, it’s difficult to strike a balance between bringing enough clothing and packing your entire wardrobe. To make sure you’re prepared for every occasion, there are a few staples to keep in your wardrobe at all times.

1. A Professional Outfit

It’s crucial to have a professional outfit you can use if you land an interview for a job, internship, or research opportunity. Just one outfit should be sufficient, but invest in something smart. Consider the kinds of positions you’re likely to be interviewing for to choose the right level of formality.

2. Clothing for a Night Out

Whereas you’ll be wearing comfortable clothes during most of the day, you’ll want to dress up when you go out. Bring several outfits that boost your confidence and help you feel like yourself. You should also have a few items that could work for themed parties. This could include a checkered shirt, a neon top, and something you can turn into a costume.

3. Formalwear

You’ll need a couple of outfits that are more formal than what you wear on nights out but that are less business-like than your professional clothing. These will be ideal for formal dinners, intimate parties, and dances. Whereas you could pick up something right before an event, it will be less stressful (and likely less expensive) if you prepare in advance. Consider the types of events you’re likely to attend to pick the right kind of outfits.

4. Sportswear

To stay fit at university, you need the right clothing. What exactly you should pack will depend on the kinds of activities you want to do. You’ll likely need a few tops and some sweatpants, joggers, or biker shorts — joggers are also great for creating a casual outfit.

5. Versatile Footwear

You’ll need shoes to go with all the above outfits. Depending on your personal style, you may be able to use the same footwear for some of your formal events. You could also use your everyday shoes for working out. However, you should have a separate pair of shoes you don’t mind getting damaged for big parties and events. Finally, make sure you have some boots to transform casual clothing into an outfit that’s smart enough for going out with friends — boots are also great for coping with cold weather.

6. Apparel with Your School Name

Students should own at least one piece of clothing that features their school’s name. Head to your campus bookstore to pick up some apparel.

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