6 University Activities That Look Great on a Resume

It can be frustrating to find out that after all the hard work you put into your studies, most job openings will require you to have some work experience before you’re even considered for the role.

Here are some activities that will help bridge the experience gap and demonstrate to potential employers that you’d be a perfect fit for their organization.

Part time work

Instead of spending all of your spare time relaxing in your UOttowa student housing apartment, you can use your downtime between classes to apply for a part-time job. If you get hired, you can show employers that you’re a team player who works well with people with different temperaments. Even customer service, food service, or other entry-level roles will show that you work well under pressure and can deal with difficult situations.


Most companies that are hiring have their own corporate social responsibility department and are involved in their local communities. Showing volunteer work in your resume will prove that you can pursue your passions and commit to a worthy cause.

Volunteering your time will also widen your network and help you get in touch with the right people. It also helps you develop skills that you cannot learn from your classes, and can only be gained from real-world experience.

For example, you might be asked to lead a fundraising campaign for the animal shelter you partnered with. You’ll gain leadership and project management skills that will be valuable once you enter the job market.

Second Language

Today, many companies do business with other countries and other cultures. Learning a new language could therefore enhance your resume and boost your career prospects. The additional language skill will put you ahead of the competition, especially if you’re interested in joining a global corporation or applying for a position abroad.

Club Membership

Being a member of a club could present opportunities to plan and implement club activities. Putting these experiences in your resume will show employers your leadership, organizational, and time management skills. Plus, you’ll demonstrate your ability to multitask.

Job-Specific Activities

You may not know it yet, but many of your extracurricular activities could give your resume a competitive edge. For example, if you wrote for your university’s newspaper, this will be useful if you’re pursuing a career in journalism. If you helped build a friend’s website, you can put it in your resume to showcase your work as a budding web designer.

Creative Arts

Getting up on stage and performing in front of a crowd is no easy feat. If you performed in theater, danced in a show, or acted in a play, don’t be afraid to highlight your artistic endeavors in your resume. This is especially true if you’re considering a career in the creative arts. But even if you’re pursuing a business-related position or a non-creative field, they’re still worth mentioning and will show your ability to work toward goals and manage time effectively.

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