7 Benefits of Taking Summer Classes

Benefits of Taking Summer Classes

Summer break is long during university. Whereas some students find they need this time to earn money or relax, you can also use the opportunity to take more classes. There’s no need to have a full schedule or take classes over the entire summer — you can make summer classes work for you. There are a variety of benefits to doing so, whatever your goals. Here are some of the most compelling advantages to consider.

1. Complete Less-Interesting Classes Quickly

Since summer classes are condensed, they can be ideal for any classes you’re less excited about. For instance, you could quickly finish a core class that’s unrelated to your major but a requirement to graduate.

2. Take a Prerequisite

There may be a class you’d love to take next semester but you haven’t yet completed the prerequisite. Find out if this class is an option over the summer.

3. Graduate Sooner

Taking any kind of classes for credit can bring your graduation date forward. This can be a great strategy whether you want to graduate early or if you’re on track to graduate later than you originally intended because you had to decrease your course load in the past.

4. Focus on a Difficult Class

If there’s a class you know will be particularly difficult — perhaps you had to drop it once already — you may like to use the summer to focus all your attention on that one class. When you have no other classes to worry about and fewer commitments in general, you may find it’s more manageable than you expected.

5. Earn Credentials Beyond Your Degree

Some careers require other credentials in addition to a degree. Others have no requirement for a credential but having something extra to put on your resume could give you an edge over other candidates. Consider if summer classes could enable you to graduate with a double major or supplemental certificate.

6. Explore Graduate School Classes

If you’re thinking about continuing your education at graduate school, you may like to explore your options through summer classes. These can help you find out if a particular subject interests you enough to pursue a master’s degree or see how graduate-level classes differ from the kinds of classes you’re taking at the moment. You can also use the opportunity to develop any additional skills you need for graduate school or prepare for entrance exams.

7. Enjoy Smaller Class Sizes

Many students thrive in small classes, especially when there’s an emphasis on discussions or they have many questions to ask. Since fewer students attend classes over the summer, you can expect smaller class sizes. This will also give you the chance to get to know your professors better and receive more personalized support.

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