7 Dollar Store Tricks for Student Living

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Being able to decorate your student apartment any way you like is an exciting prospect — until you realize how much this will cost if you purchase readymade decor. However, decorating doesn’t need to be expensive. Many items you can pick up from the dollar store are ideal for DIY decor that will give your student living space the exact kind of look and feel you want. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Headboard

Whereas a store-bought headboard is expensive, making one yourself costs almost nothing. Your options for materials to use are almost endless — for instance, you could use frames, placemats, or wood pallets. To give the headboard more character, add fabric or spray paint.

2. Message Board

It’s great to have a message board (or even a couple) in your student apartment. You can use them to leave notes to your roommates, write reminders to yourself, or post inspiring messages. Rather than purchasing a white board, make one yourself from a picture frame.

Simply paint the glass backing (perhaps in a few different colours) and then put it back into the frame. This will result in a much more fun look than a plain white board and it will be much cheaper.

3. Mirror Frame

Turn the regular mirror hanging on your wall into a piece of art by decorating the frame with items you find at the dollar store. Options include a basket, tassels, and even PVC pipe cut into rings and arranged around the mirror in a pattern.

4. Inflatable Couch

If you want some extra seating for your living room, look for an inflatable couch. This is great for increasing the number of people you can invite over for movie night and it makes for a great spot for photos before a night out. Plus, you can easily store the couch away whenever you want more space as well as when you’re moving out.

5. Adhesive Tiles

There are ways to decorate every room in your student apartment. For the bathroom, use adhesive tiles. There’s no need to cover the entire room — just add a few tiles for visual interest in one area, such as around the sink or towel rack. When you move out, you’ll be able to remove the tiles without damaging the walls.

6. Hula Hoop Shelf

To gain more room to store items, take full advantage of vertical space. One creative solution is to make a shelf from two hula hoops attached to a couple planks of wood. Use no-damage wall hooks with adhesive strips to secure your shelf to the wall.

7. Wooden Boxes

Another solution for shelves is to use wooden boxes. Paint them to match the aesthetics of the rest of your room and fill them with small items that may otherwise lead to clutter.

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