8 Ideas for Catching Up with Hometown Friends

backyard bbq

You may have gone all semester without seeing your hometown friends in person. Now that the summer’s here, you have the chance to catch up. If you’re stuck for ideas of what to do, consider some of the following activities.

1. Take a Photo a Day

If you have the chance to spend every day of the summer with at least one friend, make sure you take a photo each day. You can then use the photos to make a collage at the end of summer that you share with your friends — it will make for some great student living decor.

2. Have a Barbecue

Host a barbecue in your backyard and invite all your hometown friends over. If you’ve never grilled before, now’s the time to learn.

3. Face Your Fears Together

Have each of your friends share a phobia and plan a day to face your fears together. This could mean climbing to the top of a high building and looking out of the window, letting a spider crawl up your arm, or riding the scariest roller coaster in a nearby amusement park.

4. Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Spend a day out finding ways to practice random acts of kindness. These may be as simple as being courteous to other drivers when you’re out on the road or holding the door for someone to donating blood, picking up litter, or sending out notes of appreciation to important people in your life.

5. Turn Off Technology for a Day

Agree to have one day with no screens. Turn your phones off and enjoy some time in nature.

6. Watch an Entire Series

Of course, technology isn’t always bad. If you feel like having a relaxed day in, invite some friends over to watch an entire season of a favourite series or a show you’ve all been meaning to watch.

7. Spend Time on the Water

Head to a beach or lake where you can swim or practise water sports. If you’ve never tried sailing or kayaking before, this is a great opportunity to check that activity off your bucket list.

8. Sleep Outside

Find somewhere to go camping to spend a night outdoors. Watch the sunset with your friends and then make a campfire to stay warm and roast s’mores. Try to wake up early to see the sunrise as well.

9. Visit New Places Nearby

Even if you’ve lived in your hometown for most of your life, there are likely places around that you’ve never visited. Be a tourist for a day, checking out all the spots you’ve neglected until now.

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