9 Internship Essentials to Have on Hand

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Your internship will likely be your first experience working in the kind of position you want to pursue after you graduate. This is definitely exciting, but it can also be nerve wracking. To make sure you’re prepared on your first day, go beyond reading up about the company by having the following internship essentials on hand.

1. Laptop Sleeve

If you’ll need to bring your own laptop to and from your internship, make sure it stays protected. A simple laptop sleeve can prevent damage from bumps and knocks during your journey.

2. Badge Holder

Keep your public transit card and the ID you use to access the workplace safe by purchasing a badge holder. It’s best to choose one that comes with either a clip or a lanyard, as you’ll be able to wear the cards to keep them easily accessible.

3. Water Bottle

There may be times when you’re unable to leave your desk or you get stuck in a meeting for a while. Avoid becoming dehydrated by packing a large water bottle and filling it up before you leave home.

4. Flash Drive

Don’t rely on anyone else to have the files or presentation you need at hand. Save a backup on a flash drive to carry with you.

5. Bento Box

Purchasing lunch every day will become expensive, especially if you’re interning in a business district. You may need to limit eating out to a couple times a week as a treat. For the rest of the time, pack your own lunch in a bento box. This will give you more flexibility for what you can bring than a standard lunch box.

6. Personal Items for Your Desk

If you’re working a desk job, make the space feel like your own with trinkets, photos, and other items. You may like to wait until your second day to see how your coworkers jazz up their desks.

7. Blue Light Glasses

Your internship may involve you being behind the screen for even more hours than you’re used to. Protect your eyes with some blue light glasses.

8. Planner

Being at university should have taught you plenty about how important it is to stay organized to ensure you remember your appointments and due dates. Interning will be much the same. Bring a planner to write down key dates, like meetings, deadlines, and business events.

9. Stylish Bag

Store everything in a stylish bag that’s suitable for the kind of work you’re doing. Depending on the workplace, you may be able to use a backpack from your university or you may need something more formal.

You’ll also need somewhere to live while you’re interning. Since your university residence will most likely be closed, this means searching for off-campus housing. Ottawa students can live at 1Eleven. You’ll be able to return from a long day at your internship to a comfortable apartment — you can choose to share with other students or have a one-bedroom apartment to yourself. In addition, you’ll be able to blow off steam at our fitness center, meet new people in the games room, or prepare a meal with friends in the communal kitchen. Apply now to secure a lease.

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