A Quick Guide to Moving to University

A Quick Guide to Moving to University

Moving to university is a major step in many young people’s lives. There are a lot of steps involved in the moving process, which can quickly overwhelm first-time university students, but with a bit of guidance, this process can become faster, easier and more efficient. Below is a quick guide to moving to university with as few hiccups as possible.

Pack Like a Pro

Packing is perhaps the most important and arduous part of moving. It requires planning, patience and organization. Without these things, the process may become time-consuming and stressful. But there are some tips and tricks that could help you pack like a professional. For example:

  • Start packing at least two weeks in advance
  • Create and follow a ‘packing to-do list’ and schedule
  • Scratch things off your to-do list as you complete them
  • Get packing materials
  • Throw away or donate unwanted items first
  • Pack the most difficult items and non-essentials (things you don’t use every day or often) before anything else
  • Some items may be provided by the university or your residence, so only pack the essentials
  • Obtain a list of the items provided, as well as a list of things you should bring
  • Ask friends and/or family to help you with your move
  • Secure a moving van or a car to move your belongings
  • Clean your space and separate your belongings into categories that include ‘throw away,’ ‘leave behind,’ ‘take,’ ‘donate,’ etc.
  • Label your boxes, don’t overstuff them, use appropriate packing materials (i.e. bubble wrap, packing tape, etc.), especially for fragile items or electronics and pack heavy items on the bottom of boxes

Secure Housing

Finding housing is really the first step in the moving process. It is, of course, also the most important step. But first decide if you want to live in a residence hall or in off-campus student housing. For a comfortable transition into your new housing, look for places that include the following amenities:

  • A quiet study space, e.g. the library, study lounge or a quiet room
  • Proximity to your campus and/or transit
  • Space for fun and relaxation, such as a games lounge, fitness centre, movie theatre, etc., as well as quick access to neighbourhood amenities
  • A kitchen area or cooking space
  • On-site laundry and parking
  • Storage
  • Reliable Wi-fi
  • A workspace for homework and studying
  • Security and safety equipment and procedures
  • 24-hour maintenance

Besides offering student-friendly conveniences, your housing should also be stable, in a safe neighbourhood and secured at least a month before the first semester begins. This will give you time to become familiar and comfortable with the housing facility, neighbourhood and your roommates (if applicable).

Introduce Yourself on Social Media

Social media can introduce you to your university and peers before the school year even begins. It can also offer vital information for navigating the campus, your courses, residence hall and more. Basically, information found on your university’s social media pages can act as a survival guide for your freshman year. Not to mention, social media provides a unique opportunity to connect with your peers, professors and student advisor. In fact, you should connect with your advisor before starting university. An advisor can offer advice on every aspect of university life, including choosing courses, joining student activities, finding a job or housing, making friends and so much more. You can also find ample help and information on campus events at your university’s student union Facebook page or social media groups.

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