Affordable Date Ideas for University Students

Affordable Date Ideas for University Students

Dating in university can be fun, exciting, and full of firsts. For many university students, however, it can also seem expensive. Don’t let the fear of hefty restaurant bills and show tickets stop you from dating. There are plenty of ways to date affordably, and affordable or cheap dates can be just as, if not more, romantic than expensive dates.

Small romantic gestures can go a long way, especially if they’re creative. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Share a Romantic Dinner in Your Dorm or Apartment

Daily meal preparation might not always seem fun or easy, but a cool date can make the effort totally worthwhile. Make it more romantic by adding a theme, such as something that represents how you met, where you met, or something special that the two of you share. A dinner of chili, gingerbread cookies, and warm drinks could represent warmth and meeting in the winter or a shared love of the winter. Maybe your date loves to travel and a meal that includes foods from their favourite place will win you major brownie points. If you really want to make an impression, decorate your suite or university residence to go with the theme.

Binge Watch Their Favourite Movies or TV Shows

For a student on a budget, even going to the movies can be expensive. Luckily, streaming services, like Netflix, have plenty of films and TV shows to binge on. Find out which ones are your date’s favourite and invite them over for a binge-a-thon. Make your space cozy and don’t forget the snacks!

Plan a Romantic Picnic

It’s winter in Canada, so a picnic in the park is out of the question, but it doesn’t mean that picnics in general are out of the question. No matter the time of year or general setting, a picnic date is always a romantic idea. Since it’s cold outside, you could set your picnic up inside. In fact, you could have a picnic in either of your apartments, suites or dorm rooms. If the weather is nice and you don’t mind the cold, you and your date could have a ‘freeze out’ picnic outdoors. Remember to dress for the weather with warm clothing and make sure your picnic basket includes warm, comforting food and drink. There’s nothing sweeter than sharing a warm thermos of hot chocolate and a blanket!

Attend a School Event

Most universities have school events happening year round. Plays, sporting events, school-sponsored concerts, etc. are great settings for dates. An exciting event with a fun atmosphere is also a great place to break the ice and ward off date-related nervousness. There’s also the added benefit of super cheap or free event tickets.

Use Your Student Discounts

If you’re determined to show your date a good time outside of campus, make sure to use your student discounts. These discounts will allow you to take your date to a movie, dinner, or out for a drink at cheaper prices. To make the date even more interesting and fun, visit multiple places, taking advantage of many discounts, and turning your date into several cool mini dates.

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