Best Summer Jobs for University Students

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Summers are long when you’re at university, which is great if you want to find a job. Working over the summer can help pay for your education, give you extra spending money, or gain you some valuable work experience. Even if you don’t find a job related to what you want to do after you graduate, you’ll have something to add to your resume — whatever you do, you’ll learn plenty of transferable skills to improve your employability. In particular, here are a few jobs that are perfect for university students.

1. Lifeguard

Competent swimmers can take training to become a lifeguard. This is an ideal job for the summer, since many people will be visiting public pools and waterparks.

2. Dog Walker

You can fit dog-walking around other commitments. To decide how much work you can manage, you’ll need to consider factors like how many dogs you can walk at one time and your level of fitness. You should have experience with dogs and be confident handling them.

3. Server

If you want a customer-facing role, finding work as a server could be right for you. There tend to be shifts available at all times of the day during the summer. At many restaurants, your performance on the job can make a big difference to how much extra you earn in tips.

4. Barista

Working as a barista is similar to being a server, but the atmosphere tends to be more relaxed. Plus, shifts are often earlier in the day, including before business hours. You’ll learn to prepare a variety of drinks, which could become useful for impressing your friends.

5. Receptionist

Develop your interpersonal skills by working as a receptionist. You’ll be responsible for answering the phone for a business: patching through calls, relaying messages to the right people, and scheduling appointments. This is great for demonstrating that you’re professional and organized.

You may be able to find receptionist work at a hotel rather than at an office. Since hotels often check in guests late into the night (or even 24 hours a day), becoming a hotel receptionist could be beneficial if you want more flexibility. Receptionists often do a greater range of tasks, including cleaning and providing support at onsite events. Plus, you may have the chance to learn management skills.

6. Delivery Driver

If you have your own vehicle, you can work as a delivery driver. As an alternative to working directly for a restaurant, you can sign up with an app to do deliveries for multiple businesses in your area whenever you’re available.

7. Babysitter

Just having younger siblings at home could mean you have sufficient experience to find work as a babysitter. Search online in places like job sites and local parent groups. You may be able to receive referrals to build up a network of clients or you could be lucky enough to land a daycare job for school-age children whose parents need to work over the summer.

8. Mover

Summer is the most popular time of year to move home, meaning there’s a greater need for movers. You’ll need to be able to lift heavy objects and have enough stamina to keep going throughout the day. Search for existing teams you could join or create your own with friends. Keep in mind that one of you will need to have a truck.

9. Landscaper

Another job that requires a good deal of physical strength is landscaping. To make a decent income, find a few clients who want regular lawn mowing, weeding, and pruning to keep their gardens looking attractive over the summer.

It often makes sense to find a summer job near campus, as you may be able to continue working during the fall semester or you could take summer classes on the side. However, it does mean you need to find housing, as it’s unlikely you’ll be able stay living on campus. For uOttawa off-campus housing, there’s 1Eleven. Not only are the apartments right near campus, it’s easy to reach downtown, where you’ll find plenty of job opportunities. Book a video tour to check out the facilities before you move in.

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