Get Organized with These Tools and Apps

Get Organized with These Tools and Apps

Staying organized can be a struggle for busy university students. Most participate in several activities, have a gaggle of assignments to complete, lots of scheduled appointments and a full social calendar. With so much to do, student life can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, there are some tools that can help you reduce stress, stay organized and meet all your obligations. Mobile apps are especially equipped to offer this type of service. Below are a few apps that can help you stay on track.

Evernote For Memos

Taking notes is a regular task for many students. However, their use, necessity and handiness is not just limited to class activities. Many busy people write notes or memos to themselves as reminders or for future reference. And, when there isn’t a notepad and pen handy, there’s always Evernote. Evernote is an app that allows you to quickly write and save notes to yourself. It has multiple (useful) functions and works across several platforms. The app is especially useful to apartment hunters. For example, if you were comparing the best furnished apartments Ottawa has to offer, you could quickly list (and access) their pros and cons in Evernote.

Check Off Your To-Do List with Trello and Asana

If your day or project seems like one long to-do list, try Trello and Asana. Trello and Asana not only keep lists handy, they allow users to prioritize tasks. Both apps also allow you to create groups, and each group member can access the work list, view priorities and work together from the app. You can also shift tasks between team members and re-prioritize items. Both apps are perfect for individuals or groups on the go.

Keep a Title Schedule with 30/30

With the 30/30 app, you can block out specific times for tasks. All you have to do is create your tasks list, set a time frame for each one and wait for the alerts. Essentially, your tasks are put on a timer and the app sends an alert when the next task is up. This promotes effective time-management by helping you stay on task and keep track of time. It also lowers the risk of spending to much time on one thing. So, if you tend to run long or cut it close, 30/30 can make sure you move on in a timely fashion and keep on moving.

This is just the beginning of the many cool and useful apps that are out there and could be of benefit to you and your busy life as a student. Do a little research and find the one – or several – that’s best for you!

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