How to Deep Clean Your Student Living Space

How to Deep Clean Your Student Living Space

Although you clean your student apartment on a regular basis (or you should!), you also need to do the occasional deep clean. Set aside time for a thorough cleaning when you do the following.

1. Declutter Your Bedroom

It’s easy to accumulate a large amount of stuff when you’re at university. Unless you declutter often, you’ll start creating an unmanageable mess. Sort through everything in your bedroom — throw out what you no longer need and create a system to organize the things you do need. For instance, you may need to file your papers, store your belongings in boxes in your closet, and create caddies for your cleaning supplies.

2. Dust

Over time, dust builds up on surfaces throughout your apartment, including your desk, bookshelves, and coffee table. You can remove dust easily with a damp cloth — this will trap it instead of sending the dust somewhere else in your living space.

3. Vacuum

After you’ve finished dusting, vacuum the floor to remove any dust that’s landed there. In addition, vacuum places you tend to neglect, such as the bottom of your closet, under your furniture, and the ceiling.

4. Wash the Windows

Windows start looking grimy after a while. Dirt builds up on the outside, whereas smudges of fingerprints accumulate on the inside. Use a glass cleaner to wash your windows as well as your mirrors.

5. Wipe Down Appliances

Occasional spills are normal, but if you don’t notice them (or fail to clean them up), you’ll soon have a sticky mess. Some appliances to focus on during your deep clean include the refrigerator, microwave, stove top, and coffee maker.

6. Disinfect Surfaces

There are spots in your apartment you touch all the time without thinking about it, such as the light switches and doorknobs. It’s important to disinfect these periodically to maintain good hygiene in your home.

7. Clean Trash Cans

Garbage has a tendency to leak. If you notice odors in your kitchen, give your trash can a wash during your deep clean.

8. Do a Load of Laundry or Two

Search for things in your apartment that don’t normally make it to the laundry but you likely need to wash. This could include hand towels, your shower curtain, bath mats, the covers from throw pillows, and rugs.

9. Empty the Pantry

Remove all the food products from the cupboards in your kitchen to clean the shelves beneath. Use the chance to check if you have any expired products you should throw out.

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