How to Give Back to Your Community This Summer

How to Give Back to Your Community This Summer

If you’re looking for ways to fill up your summer days before heading back to school, consider volunteering to worthy causes within your community. Here’s a list of activities that you can do to make a difference.

Donate to a charity organization.

Gather old and unused clothing in your closet. Ask your fellow friends and family members if they have clothes to donate, too.

You can even organize a clothing drive in your student living. Ottawa has many organizations that accept clothing donations, such as the Salvation Army.

Volunteer at an animal shelter.

If you’re an animal lover, spend some of your free time this summer at an Ottawa animal shelter.

You can help build storage structures and play equipment for the animals, or create animal profiles on social media to encourage people to adopt and not shop.

You can also help raise funds and plan events for the shelter. Aside from shelters, you can also work with service animals or help out at a veterinarian’s office.

Tutor younger children.

Teaching and passing on the knowledge you’ve learned to younger kids are worthwhile ways to spend the summer.

You can volunteer your time to literacy programs, or get to know the after-school programs in the elementary and high schools nearby.

Mentoring young children will also look great in your resume because it shows off your leadership skills and willingness to help others.

Get involved in an election campaign.

If you believe in the values of a politician, you can get involved in their election campaign and help them get elected.

You may be tasked with helping to raise funds, distributing election paraphernalia, or simply encouraging people to go out and vote.

You can even be part of the policy-making and get involved in conversations with your candidate to help persuade them in taking a stand on the issues that matter to you.

Offer advice on how to get in.

Gather your friends, classmates, and roommates to offer a free college application workshop to high school students. You can help them with their essays and coach them on their applications.

Use your skills to help others in need.

If you’re majoring in a language, you can teach English to non-native students and help them get better acquainted with their new surroundings.

If you’re a college athlete, you can provide a free sports clinic to children in low-income areas.

And if you’re into yoga, you can offer relaxation workshops and breathing techniques in exchange for a couple of dollars, which you can donate to those in need.

Help the elderly.

If you have an outgoing personality and enjoy keeping seniors company, consider volunteering at an assisted living facility.

Some elderly people are lonely and just want someone to talk and listen to. You can read books, play games, organize bingo games, help sort through photo collections, and accompany them on walks.

Send cards.

Life can get lonely for the healthcare workers, active-duty military, and veterans. A sincere and thoughtful card is a great token of appreciation for the things they have done for the community.

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