How to Give Your Student Apartment a Spring Refresh

Student Apartment a Spring Refresh

Spring has many connotations, but one of the most obvious is spring cleaning. Refreshing your student apartment will remove cobwebs (metaphorical and perhaps also literal!) that remain after the winter. Use the opportunity to create a space that feels inviting to return home to at the end of the day and that helps you stay focused on the semester ahead.

1. Sort Through Your Belongings

Start by decluttering to root out any junk you’ve accumulated and should throw out. In addition, pack away any winter clothing and switch to a spring wardrobe. This will put you in the mood for spring and prevent wasted space. Remember to go beyond your bedroom when decluttering — also check the contents of the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom.

2. Do a Deep Clean

Moving around your possessions will reveal areas that need cleaning, such as under the bed, at the bottom of your closet, and surfaces that were previously covered. Dust, vacuum, wash the floors, and do any other cleaning your apartment needs.

3. Make Your Bed More Comfortable

Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom. You likely need different bedding for the spring weather, making this an ideal opportunity to give your bed a makeover. For instance, you may want to invest in new sheets or some extra pillows. Don’t neglect to wash all your current bedding before you store it away.

4. Redecorate for Spring

Once your apartment is clean and decluttered, you can begin the fun stuff. Think about how you could redecorate for the new season — there’s no need for this to be anything complicated or expensive. Even if you’re not artistically inclined, there are some simple crafts you can do to brighten up your space.

One idea is to print out photos of your friends — both ones taken at university and memories of your high school friends. Buy cheap frames at a craft store and paint them vibrant colours. Another option is to make a tassel banner in spring colours using ribbon and tissue paper.

5. Add Some Lighting

When you’re unable to be outside, bring a sense of spring to you by increasing the lighting in your apartment. Consider purchasing a lamp for your nightstand or a floor lamp for your living room.

6. Buy Some Spring Flowers

Spring is the perfect time to learn to take care of plants. Purchase some flowers and tie a ribbon around their pots for an extra splash of colour. If you’ve never managed to keep a plant alive before, choose something low maintenance. However, if you don’t think you can manage even that, you could always find artificial flowers and arrange them in mason jars.

Spring is also a great time to think about where you’d like to live next semester or when you come back to university after the summer. For uOttawa off-campus housing, there’s 1Eleven. You’ll receive a spacious suite either to yourself or shared with a couple roommates and you’ll have access to great onsite amenities. Book a video tour to check out the facilities for yourself.

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