How to Keep in Touch with University Friends Over Break

Keep in Touch with University Friends Over Break

During the semester, you see your university friends almost every day. They are the people you’re closest to, who you spend the most time with, and who can relate to both your struggles and your achievements better than anyone else. For this reason, it can be difficult to adjust being away from them for an extended period of time during breaks between semesters. However, there’s no reason you can’t stay in touch, even if there’s a large physical distance between you. There are several activities you can try to stay in touch with just a few people or even a large group.

1. Regular Video Chats

Pick a time when you’re all available each week to check in over video chat. This is a great opportunity to share stories about what you’ve been doing, whether that’s reconnecting with hometown friends and family, traveling, or working a part-time job or internship.

2. Watch the Same TV Series

If it proves too difficult to organize a video chat, it may be easier to stay in touch over text messages. To keep the conversation flowing, you could all watch the same TV series and agree to watch a certain number of episodes each week. You can then check in to discuss your thoughts about the show.

3. Go Camping

If you’d like to meet up with friends over your break, a low-cost option is a camping trip. Use the opportunity to visit somewhere completely new for all of you, return to somewhere you loved going as a kid, or explore the surroundings near where one of your friends lives. The great thing about camping is it can last anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks — depending on how comfortable you feel living outdoors. Try to choose an area of natural beauty, such as waterfalls, lakes, or mountains, to make the trip extra special.

4. Find Concerts to Attend

Another way to meet up with friends over a break is to go to a concert — or even a couple concerts. Research options before the school break to buy tickets and make arrangements in advance. If you have friends who live in a big city where concerts are taking place, you may be able to stay with them, which will save you spending on accommodation. Plus, if you stay an extra day or two, your friend will be able to show you around.

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