How to Make an Instagram Scrapbook to Highlight College Memories

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One of the latest trends on Instagram is creating photos that look like a retro scrapbook for a carousel. The great thing about this is it’s easy to achieve great results and create a scrapbook that reflects your personality. Whereas you could use virtually any type of photos, this idea is particularly ideal for having all your favourite college memories in one place.

Step 1: Put Your Favourite Photos in an Album

Start looking through the photos on your phone to find all the best pictures you’ve taken during your time at college. Keep them in one place by storing them in their own album. On an iPhone, you can take this one step further by making cutouts of people in some of the photos and saving these to your camera roll.

Step 2: Create a Template

To turn your photos into a scrapbook, use a graphic design app. From the start, you’ll need to decide how many Instagram pictures you want to create to set the template to the appropriate size. Since Instagram posts are 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels, multiply the width by the number of pictures you want — for instance, for three pictures, your scrapbook needs to be 3240 pixels by 1080 pixels.

Step 3: Make the Background

Choose square photos of scenery for your background. If you don’t have enough to fill up the template, search online for some that fit your theme or even head out to take some more. For example, you could include photos of campus, your student housing, or spots around town. If the foreground will be particularly busy, you may even like to make the background a solid colour or a gradient, perhaps using the colour palette of your college.

Step 4: Layer Your Other Photos on Top

Now comes the fun part: adding all the photos of your friends and adventures on top of the background. Experiment with different angles, cut photos in various ways, and do some basic editing to make the right colours pop.

Step 5: Add Extra Features

To make your picture feel like an old-school scrapbook rather than a regular collage, add fun elements like stickers, text in cursive, and three-dimensional objects. Most graphic design apps have these elements built in. For a seamless look in your Instagram carousel, consider putting the same border around a few photos, perhaps to highlight your absolute favourites.

Step 6: Divide Your Scrapbook into Individual Photos

To upload your scrapbook to Instagram, you’ll need to cut the picture into separate photos. Your graphic design app or an online tool will allow you to cut the picture into equal widths to create the number of images you want.

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