How to Save Money this Summer as a Student or New Grad

How to Save Money this Summer as a Student or New Grad

University can be expensive. So expensive that it could have you looking to save money any way you can. For some students or new graduates, this isn’t an easy feat, especially when you don’t have a job or have a mountain of expenses. But, with some ingenuity, it can be done. Since most students don’t attend school during the summer, this is one of the best times to save money. This means:

  • Getting a Summer Job
  • Finding Affordable Housing
  • Walking or Riding a Bike Instead of Driving
  • Choosing Cheap Entertainment
  • Partying Less

Get a Summer Job

For students, summer is the perfect time to get a job. Your job won’t conflict with your course schedule, it will help cover you expenses during your time off and possibly provide the opportunity to save some money. During the summer, you will be able to work full-time and earn more money. Without school in the way, you also won’t have to overextend yourself, which should leave plenty of time for fun in the sun.

Find Affordable Housing

If you’ve been paying too much for housing, summer is the perfect time to look for other options. Ottawa student housing is usually readily available during the season, as students abandon their apartments for home or other housing. You will find that all-inclusive housing, like the suites at 1Eleven, are an affordable option. Our housing is not only affordable, but it also offers a variety of amenities for every season. Renting an all-inclusive apartment can help you save money for the fall, especially if you rent with roommates.

Walk or Ride a Bike Instead of Driving

Maintaining a car can cost a lot of money. This is an expense many college students and new grads can’t afford. Fortunately, during the warm, beautiful summer, you can walk or ride a bike to most destinations. Travelling on foot or via bicycle is even more affordable than taking public transit. It’s also the ideal way for students to travel during the summer. Because it’s free, you’re sure to save money. If you’re travelling a long distance, however, public transit can be an inexpensive, safe way to get there. If you don’t need it, leave the car at home!

Choose Cheap Entertainment

Summer is full of inexpensive or even free entertainment – if you know where to look. For example, you can find fun and excitement at a public park. It’s a free, versatile place to hangout with your friends and that offers plenty of opportunities for fun. You could have a picnic, play sports (e.g. football or baseball) or outdoor games like Frisbee, take a walk or ride a bike, read a book or just ‘people watch.’ Summer is also the time for blockbuster movies, and movie tickets are relatively cheap. Equally cheap and more intellectually stimulating than the movies, are museums and art galleries. Free festivals in and around the city may also become available during the summer, which can be inexpensive sources of entertainment. Just remember to spend your money wisely and be as frugal as possible.

Party Less

Partying is often considered the number one source of fun for many students. Unfortunately, it’s also the most expensive activity to engage in. The cost of drinks, food, transportation and venue entry fees can quickly add up. It’s tempting to want to party during the summer, but remember that the less you go out, the more you save.

Look for ways to save money this summer and set yourself up to start the school year off on the right foot. If you’re attending the University of Ottawa in the fall, secure your spot in our affordable student housing residence today!

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