How to Tell When a Class Isn’t Right for You

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One of the most difficult decisions you’ll need to face at university is whether to stick with a class or drop it while there’s still time to withdraw. The first thing to know is that dropping an occasional class is normal — most students will at some point. Still, this doesn’t mean it’s a decision to take lightly. A few things can help you determine if a class isn’t right for you.

1. You Hate Attending

The clearest sign that a class isn’t right for you is that you never attend or the thought of going fills you with dread. It may not even be the material you dislike: it could be that you find the professor doesn’t align with your learning style, the assignments are tedious, or trying to arrive to class on time is stressful. In the most extreme cases, your class may be negatively affecting your mental health. Whether you’re staying up all night trying to complete papers, you only understand a fraction of the readings, or thinking about the class is filling you with anxiety, you probably need to drop the class from your schedule.

2. You’re Failing

A mistake such as missing a crucial test or misunderstanding the requirements for a paper could lead to a failing grade. If it’s impossible to recover, your best option is to drop the class.

3. It Will Hurt Your GPA

In other cases, you may not be failing, but your grades are low and continuing will hurt your GPA. This is a good sign that the class is not resonating with you — and the consequences mean it’s not worth sticking it out.

4. You No Longer Need the Class

You may have signed up for a difficult class because it was a requirement before you switched majors. Alternatively, you could have discovered that there’s another way to meet your graduation requirements — or perhaps you were mistaken and you never needed the class at all. If any of these are the case for you, there’s no point struggling with a challenging class you don’t enjoy.

5. Others Recommend Dropping It

Your situation may not be as extreme as any of the above: you may simply dislike a class and are considering dropping it. It’s worth talking to other people who can provide useful insights, including the professor, students who have already taken the class, and, most importantly, your academic advisor. You may find out that the class becomes much harder as it progresses — or the opposite could be true. It may be notoriously difficult to gain a good grade — or your professor may offer opportunities for extra credit. It’s important to consider all of these factors to make an informed decision.

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