Network Through Volunteering

Network Through Volunteering

Many high school and college students volunteer because it’s a great way to give back to the community while impressing prospective colleges and employers. While some students may opt out of volunteering because they already have enough responsibilities to juggle, they could be missing out on a much-needed networking opportunity. Networking allows students to meet like-minded individuals who are working or will work in their field. Of course, while some residents of Ottawa student housing take on unpaid positions during college, volunteering can be difficult for those who require the money to attend college in the first place. Yet, volunteering can ultimately help students land their dream job, as it presents invaluable opportunities to meet professionals in their field and exercises their ability to complete tasks related to their prospective career. Discover why it’s worth making time for volunteering in your busy schedule below.

Volunteer for Causes You Care About

To get the most from your volunteering experience, you can seek out an organization that aligns with your career interests. If you’re studying social work, for instance, landing a volunteer position at a local shelter can help you gain valuable insight into the field. By working side-by-side with people already in the field, you’ll learn more about your industry and exercise your knowledge in real-world situations.

Job Opportunities

By choosing to volunteer with an organization whose goals align with those of your chosen career path, you may encounter potential job opportunities. While your future career may seem like it’s in the distant future, it’s really not so far away at all. Meeting professionals in managerial and other decision-making roles could help you land a job after college. You’ll be able to showcase your skills and talents, and they’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know about the job.

Even if you choose a volunteer opportunity that doesn’t exactly align with your career goals, networking with individuals can still help you land your dream job. While volunteering does look good on a resume, so does having references in high-level positions at any organization.

Growing your Network

Volunteering also provides the unique opportunity to grow your professional network. You will likely meet other college students who share your major and with whom you can discuss your target field. While these connections may not be beneficial immediately, by building and nurturing your relationships now, you’ll establish a network for possible job opportunities and even advice in the future. Of course, be sure to repay any favors, as career development can present challenges for everyone at one point or another.

Network Support Systems

The people you meet at your volunteer position will also serve as your support system when it comes to searching for and finding jobs after college. The initial search can be difficult, but your fellow volunteers may come across job opportunities that don’t fit their needs. They can then pass this information along to you. Whether you find success in your job hunt immediately or someone else from your network does, you can exchange ideas and share advice. For instance, take a look at each other’s resumes and offer interview tips to one another. This way, everyone in the network can benefit from shared knowledge and experience, and will know what to expect when applying for similar jobs.

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