Tackling Technology Distractions

Tackling Technology Distractions

In today’s fast-paced technological world, it can be next to impossible to get away from technology distractions. This is especially problematic for students because the phone, tablet and computer can make it challenging to focus on school work and studying. The only way to combat such a problem is to first identify it and then work to conquer it. If you find yourself increasingly distracted by everything you can do from your smartphone or other devices, give these tips a try:

Identifying Technology Distractions

If you find yourself constantly using the phone or tablet while studying, there are a few questions that could help you determine if this distraction is healthy. For example:

  • Are you perusing sites and apps for study aids or using them as study aids?
  • Does your device usage make it impossible to complete your assignments and/or projects?
  • Is it difficult or impossible to focus when your device(s) is visible?
  • Is it necessary to use a device to find study aids or perform research?
  • Do you become easily distracted or perform other tasks on your mobile device while researching important topics?
  • Are there other distractions in your study environment? For example, if you live in Ottawa student housing, are you distracted by the comings and goings of your roommate(s) or other sounds in the apartment building?
  • Does your housing offer quieter study lounge areas, such as those offered by 1Eleven?
  • Can you study and perform other tasks without your smartphone in the immediate vicinity?
  • Are you often distracted by notifications on your phones and feel an overwhelming need to check them?

The threat your mobile devices pose to your academic career could depend on how you answer these questions. If you have a problem with technology distractions, there are some ways to get this issue under control.

Conquering the Technology Distractions

Although mobile devices can be highly distracting, this is a problem you can easily get under control. There are many tips that can help you tame the technology monster. Some of these include:

  • Turning off the Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi setting on your mobile devices
  • Putting your smartphone in Airplane Mode
  • Turning off your social media and app notifications
  • Turning your phone off and/or placing it in a drawer
  • Leaving your phone in another room (if possible)
  • Downloading an app that can temporarily block access to distracting apps and other device components
  • Performing research before studying or attempting to complete an assignment
  • Taking notes on paper or printing out relevant research you can refer to as needed
  • Downloading and only using apps related to studying, designed to improve focus, or designed to promote effective time management

While some students may find these solutions extreme, they’re painless and proven to help minimize distractions from mobile devices. Minimizing these distractions can help improve your academic performance by enhancing your ability to retain and recall information. It can also promote healthy, effective study habits and even help ensure you remain organized.

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