Tips for Being in a Long-Distance Relationship in University

Long-Distance Relationship in University

Although maintaining a long-distance relationship in college can be a challenge, it’s far from impossible. Even if your partner lives too far away for you to see each other often, you can make it work. However, you shouldn’t just expect things to go perfectly smoothly — it’s important to take steps to ensure your relationship has the best shot possible.

Set Some Ground Rules

You both need to be on the same page about your relationship. Be clear about boundaries and what would upset you. Remember that your relationship will only work if you are happy to agree to these terms.

Be Honest with Each Other

Relationships need to be built on honesty. This doesn’t mean your partner needs to know everything about your life, but it is important to keep each other informed about the big things and come clean about anything you think may bother the other person. Similarly, communicate with your partner if something is upsetting you.

Negative feelings won’t just go away if you keep them bottled up — it’s much more likely they’ll spark an argument.

Stick to a Schedule to Talk

It’s useful to decide on a schedule for when you’ll talk — this could be briefly each day or a few times a week. Having a schedule will prevent the temptation to drop everything because your partner sent you a message and avoid a sense of guilt when you’re too busy to chat. Just make sure you let the other person know in advance when something in your schedule changes.

Make Plenty of Time for Everything Else

Don’t allow your relationship to dominate your college experience. The reason you’re attending university is to gain a degree — and that needs to be your priority. In addition, you should never feel like you need to miss out on other opportunities your school offers, such as clubs, sports, and a social life. It’s crucial that you fit your relationship around other commitments to avoid any feelings of regret or resentment. Plus, staying busy will take your mind off missing your partner.

Expand Your Friend Group

Another thing you can do to stop feeling lonely is to make plenty of friends. They’ll be able to cheer you up when you’re having a tough day, and they’ll be the people you can confide in. It’s always important to have a support system beyond your partner.

Visit Each Other

Put in the effort to plan visits when possible. Showing off where you live, your campus, and your college town will help you feel more like part of each other’s lives. Make sure you also introduce your significant other to some of your friends.

Enjoy the Experience

You may start university feeling like there’s nothing about a long-distance relationship to enjoy, but it can actually be rewarding if you stay positive. Of course, there will be difficult days, but college can be a great time in your life if you focus on what matters and look forward to visits from your partner.

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