Tips for Move-In Day

Tips for Move-In Day

Move-in day can be stressful, especially if you’re coming from out of town. Yet, with some strategic planning, many of your worries can be alleviated. This list of helpful tips will guide you through moving into your new temporary home without any hassle.

Move-In Before Moving Day

If the option is available, try to move into your Ottawa student housing prior to move-in day. Some student rentals offer alternative move-in days for those coming from out of town, or for students who would simply prefer to move in sooner to avoid the rush. By moving in a day or so early, you can avoid long lines and crowded parking lots. Plus, while everyone else is moving in, you’ll already be at home relaxing with your feet up.

Arrive Early

If you can’t move in on an alternate date, arrive at your student housing rental as early as you can. This way, you’ll avoid most of the traffic and parking around the building. Of course, be sure to follow instructions as provided by the staff and never leave your car or personal items unattended.

Bring Tools

For the utmost convenience, prepare a box with the essential items that you’ll need while unpacking, such as scissors, duct tape, markers, and basic tools. Be sure to bring paper towels and spray to wipe down the room before unpacking. Basic tools such as screwdrivers will also come in handy if you plan on putting any furniture together upon moving in.

Dress for Move-In Day

Wear casual clothing that’s comfortable and allows you to move around. Make sure you’re also wearing comfortable shoes because you may have to go up and down lots of stairs. You’ll be lugging boxes, bags, and other items up and down and back and forth, so make sure you’ve worn the appropriate clothing.

Prop Your Door Open

Depending on the building’s security rules, you may not be allowed to prop open any of the building’s main entry doors. Yet, you can prop open your apartment door with a doorstop or heavy item. For the protection of your valuables, you won’t want to do this for too long. Yet, for a brief period of time, it will be a huge help when you’re bringing items inside.

With an open door, you may also make some friends on your first day in your new home, as neighbours might want to stop in and introduce themselves.

Meet Your Roommates

If you will have roommates, it’s important to introduce yourself as soon as possible so that they know you’re friendly. This will make the living situation much more comfortable, as you’ll be able to break the ice quickly with your new roommate and get any initial awkwardness out of the way.

Plan to Go Shopping

After you unpack, you may need to go shopping for a few last-minute items. You might also want to make a stop at the grocery store to fill your refrigerator with lots of treats and wholesome snacks so that you don’t have to worry about feeding yourself through the first week of classes.

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