Top uOttawa Study Spots

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If you’re new to campus, one of the first things you need to do is search for some good study spots. Finding time to study during different points of the day will help you keep up with your schoolwork and free up more time for fun at weekends. Since uOttawa is a large university, it has plenty of options — you just need to know where to look.

1. The Morisset Library

The classic place to study at uOttawa is the Morisset Library. It’s popular for its range of facilities, which include computers, printers, group study rooms, and individual study areas. However, its popularity means you’ll need to reserve a spot in advance. You can choose between quiet areas and places where you’re allowed to talk, such as if you’re working on a group project.

2. The Learning Crossroads

One of the newest areas at uOttawa is the Learning Crossroads (CRX). The first floor has a comfortable range of sofas and chairs, all with electrical outlets nearby. Upstairs are large study rooms, including a silent room with individual cubicles and tables. There are even more study rooms on the upper floors, most with whiteboards (you can rent markers and erasers) and big tables for large groups. You need to book most of these rooms in advance.

3. The Faculty of Social Sciences

Social sciences students can head to the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) building. Consisting of a total of 14 floors, there are numerous tables and couches you can use as well as study rooms to reserve (only available for FSS students). Although none of the rooms are silent, they do tend to be quiet.

4. The Brian Dickson Law Library

If you’re a law student, a great option for you is the Brian Dickson Library on the fourth floor of Fauteux Hall. It has plenty of natural light during the daylight hours due to the big windows along the back wall. The first floor has tables that only law students may use and a room called the red zone where you can study in silence. There is also a common room where you can study in groups. The whole of the second floor is open to everyone, not just law students. Like the Morisset Library, it has individual cubicles and study rooms that are available to book. There is usually plenty of space, even during finals season.

5. Starbucks

Another option is to study in a coffee shop. For instance, there are three Starbucks on and within walking distance of campus. One is in Desmarais Building, which tends to be quite lively. Since the tables are small, this is a good option if you’re studying on your own. Another is in the food court at the Rideau Centre. Outlets are limited and it may need to be for short study sessions only, but it’s still a good choice if you want to purchase a drink while you study. The last is a brand new venue. Located on Laurier Street, it’s a particularly large café with two floors, plus outdoor seating in the summer.

6. Drip House Café

If you prefer a local coffee shop, head to Drip House on Parkdale Avenue. You can pick up a coffee and some falafel (prepared daily) and study to some pleasant background music.

You can also study at home, especially if you live near enough to walk home whenever you have a long break between classes. For off-campus housing, Ottawa has 1Eleven. Not only is it just steps from uOttawa, there is a dedicated study space on site. Plus, you can always study in your fully-furnished apartment, at the desk and chair that comes with every bedroom. Book a tour to explore the facilities before you move in.

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